10229 Ellsworth Road  Tomah, WI 54660
Ph  (608) 372-5589  
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Course Layout

  • Hole 1
    Blue- 542 / White- 520 / Gold- 433 / Red- 430
    Handicap: Men- 2, Women- 2

    Welcome to the first hole at Hiawatha Golf Club. This opening par five offers a generous landing zone at the dogleg. Going after this green in two is a risky play as the green is protected by two large bunkers, out of bounds right, and a hazard long and left. This green is sloped heavily from back to front, so don't think the challenge is over once you are on the green. A par on this one isn't something to be disappointed with.

  • Hole 2
    Blue- 382 / White- 367 / Gold- 292 / Red- 286
    Handicap: Men- 6, Women- 6

    This par four, dogleg right, plays slightly uphill towards the green. Don't forget to take the extra club on your approach shot if you're out 150 yards or more. A hazard runs the entire left and back side of the green which generally slopes from left to right and from back to front. Careful, three putts are common on this green

  • Hole 3
    Blue- 369 / White- 356 / Gold- 253 / Red- 247
    Handicap: Men- 8, Women- 12

    The par four third hole is a risk reward. Laying up on the top portion on the fairway will give you a beautiful view on the countryside and the green. Playing for the lower fairway on your drive, the shortcut, brings out of bounds into play. Two strategically placed fairway bunkers wait to gobble any errant tee shot. Avoid missing the green right as a greenside bunker and out of bounds welcome any mishit shots.

    y332 2
  • Hole 4
    Blue- 290 / White- 276 / Gold- 217 / Red- 207
    Handicap: Men- 14, Women- 14

    Feeling lucky? Take a shot at this green from the tee! The short par four fourth hole shouldn't be taken lightly though. Out of bounds runs the entire right side of the hole and trees protect the left side. A large hill guards the right portion of the green and will force you to trust your yardage when the pin is in the back right portion of the green. A misjudged approach shot will send you down a steep drop off bringing a bogey or worse into the picture. Good luck!

    y44 back view4
  • Hole 5
    Blue- 336 / White- 320 / Gold- 270 / Red- 266
    Handicap: Men- 12, Women- 10

    A dogleg right, par four, requires a precise tee shot to find the fairway. Undershooting or overshooting the dogleg in the rough will leave you with the challege of trying to stop your ball somewhere near the pin on this firm green. Lateral hazards come into play long of the fairway and to the right. Avoid the fairway bunker and moguls off the tee and the large greenside bunker which protects the green from a miss-hit approach shot.

  • Hole 6
    Blue- 137 / White- 123 / Gold- 106 / Red- 104
    Handicap: Men- 18, Women- 18

    The first of two par threes on the front requires a precise, all carry, tee shot. A ridge runs the middle of this green and should be considered when standing on the tee. Don't go long as a large hill will leave you with a short downhill shot to a green that is sloped from back to front. Underestimate this hole and you could easily ruin a good round.

    y66 26 36
  • Hole 7
    Blue- 387 / White- 358 / Gold- 303 / Red- 297
    Handicap: Men- 10, Women- 8

    This beautiful par four sets up great for a well-struck ,right to left tee shot. Several trees guard both sides of this lush fairway requiring an accurate drive in the fairway. A hazard comes into play up the left side of the hole for any long errant tee or approach shots to the left. A large pine tree guards the right front portion of the green from the right and a large bunker protects the green from the left.

  • Hole 8
    Blue- 199 / White- 176 / Gold- 152 / Red- 149
    Handicap: Men- 16, Women- 16

    The par three eighth hole plays slightly uphill towards the green. Two bunkers protect this fairly large green. When on the green, don't let your mind play tricks on you as there is virtually no break in it.

    y88 back view
  • Hole 9
    Blue- 484 / White- 461 / Gold- 404 / Red- 401
    Handicap: Men- 4, Women- 4

    The signature hole at Hiawatha sets up perfectly as a risk-reward finishing hole on the front nine. A long tee shot down the left side is required to reach the green as trees guard the entire right side of the hole. Any tee shot to the right could potentially catch either of the two large fairway bunkers. There's no shame in laying up as a large pond must be cleared to reach the green. Be sure to check your yardage as the green is very long.

    y99 29
    Hole 10
    Blue- 177 / White- 161 / Gold- 153 / Red- 145
    Handicap: Men- 17, Women- 17

    The back nine at Hiawatha opens with a short par three. A large bunker left and a waste bunker right protect the green. Trust your club choice and fire away!

    y101010 3
  • Hole 11
    Blue- 343 / White- 333 / Gold- 288 / Red- 284
    Handicap: Men- 13, Women- 11

    Judging the difficulty of this par four by its yardage is an easy mistake. Place a drive on the right side of the fairway, but be careful not to leak your shot into the trees or bunker on the right. Matured trees on the left protect this sloped green and require a high right to left approach shot. Par is a good score on this hole.

  • Hole 12
    Blue- 383 / White- 374 / Gold- 331 / Red- 324
    Handicap: Men- 11, Women- 7

    This relatively easy par four sets up perfect for a left to right tee shot. A hazard comes into play off the tee left and tree line the entire right side. A generous fairway leads up to a wide green that has twin bunkers on each side.
  • Hole 13
    Blue- 564 / White- 528 / Gold- 490 / Red- 483
    Handicap: Men- 3, Women- 1

    This beautiful, long par five is easily one of the most scenic holes on the golf course. A suttle dog leg left plays up the hill and provides a generously wide fairway. Hit your drive on the left side of the fairway to shave a few yards off the hole. Take your second shot up over the hill, but be careful not to find the hazard left and right. The green is split by a ridge and will be a factor on most putts. A large bunker protects the front of the green and will leave you with a tough up and down.

    y1313 Back view
  • Hole 14
    Blue- 391 / White- 380 / Gold- 291 / Red- 287
    Handicap: Men- 7, Women- 9

    This par four will make even the best golfers cringe. The preferred shot on the dog leg right is a slight left to right; however, over doing it brings the out of bounds, which runs the entire right side of the hole, into play. Aim up the left side of the fairway and hit it hard. The approach shot into this green play slightly up hill. Trust your yardage and make sure you are below the pin if it is on the front.

  • Hole 15
    Blue- 565 / White- 545 / Gold- 397 / Red- 387
    Handicap: Men- 1, Women- 3

    This three shot par five starts with a demanding tee shot. Hit an errant tee shot and suffer the consequences. Trees run the entire and out of bounds run up the sides of this blind tee shot. Hit an iron over the trees or to the right and leave yourself with a moderately simple third. Avoid the bunker on the front left and the hazard long. Scoring a par shouldn't be a disappointment on this difficult hole.

    y1515 Front15
  • Hole 16
    Blue- 191 / White- 178 / Gold- 136 / Red- 132
    Handicap: Men- 15, Women- 15

    The par three 16th is the most difficult par three at Hiawatha and it begins a tough stretch of finishing holes. Out of bounds comes into play right and long of this back to front sloped green. Two large bunkers defend this difficult green that requires a tee shot or chip to be below the pin.

  • Hole 17
    Blue- 392 / White- 382 / Gold- 350 / Red- 345
    Handicap: Men- 9, Women- 5

    The 17th hole plays tough as a creek splits the hole in two. Place a drive somewhere near the 150 yard marker. Be cautious how much corner you cut off as large trees protect the right side of the fairway and thick rough and trees guard the left. Send your approach shot over the creek to this large flat green. Missing this green will leave you with a tough up and down from the two bunkers on the left or the trees on the right.

  • Hole 18
    Blue- 418 / White- 355 / Gold- 284 / Red- 282
    Handicap: Men- 5, Women- 13

    The par four finishing hole at Hiawatha is a brute from the blue tees. A demanding tee shot is required as trees guard the tee box area. Trees guard the right and left side of the hole. Take the extra club on your approach as this green is placed slightly uphill. Two bunkers are placed on each side of the green and will challenge your short game. Take in the beauty of the hole and finish strong.